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RCAC (Residential Care Apartment Complex)

An RCAC provides housing and services for mature adults including a personal apartment (with bedroom and kitchenette) meals, utilities, laundry, housekeeping and maintenance. Limited personal assistance with activities of daily living is also included. Usually personal assistance includes medication administration and bathing.


Residents of RCAC’s are generally independent with decision making, setting their own daily schedules and coming and going from the community as they wish.


RCAC’s may not accept residents with:





If a resident develops dementia after admission, they may be asked to move to either a CBRF or skilled nursing facility.


Staff are generally available and awake to serve residents 24 hours per day. RCAC’s may not provide more than 28 hours per week of supportive, personal and nursing services.


RCAC’s have very active social/activity calendars including trips about town and to shopping and banking.

- Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias

- Clients with protective placement orders.

- Clients with a Statement of Incapacity.

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